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The following features are included with each MobileNation Lifeline or ClearAssist wireless phone plan.

Caller ID

Know who's on the other end before you answer. If it's a contact you already have programmed into your phone you'll see the caller's name.

Call Forwarding

This feature allows you to forward your calls to another phone number of your choosing. It is simple and free to forward your calls to another number:
Dial *72
Next, dial the 10-digit phone number to forward to
Press SEND
To cancel call forwarding, dial *720 then press SEND

Call Waiting

A special tone lets you know that a second caller is trying to reach you when you are on the phone.

Three-Way Calling

This feature allows a third person to be added to the conversation or for a call to be transferred. How this feature works is dependent upon your phone. Please see your user manual or a MobileNation location for details.


We make it easy for you to check voicemail messages and manage your calls while you are on the go. Easily retrieve and manage your voice messages at any time using our 24-hour Voicemail system.

Set Up Your Voicemail

PRESS and HOLD the ‘1’ key on your phone to access your Voicemail box. Please follow the step-by-step instructions.

Check Your Voicemail

From your phone, PRESS and HOLD 1
Enter your password
Follow the prompts on the phone to listen to your message