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At MobileNation, we give you not one but two plan type options that you can apply for. You can apply for a MobileNation Lifeline Federal Benefit program phone service or you can apply for ClearAssist, a MobileNation discount phone service. Both provide discounted cell phone service to low-income residents throughout Tennessee and Kentucky.

The difference in the two is that MobileNation Lifeline Federal Benefit program phone service is part of the government-funded Lifeline assistance program. Lifeline is intended to help individuals experiencing financial hardship stay connected to family, schools and child care providers. ClearAssist discounted phone service is funding wholly by MobileNation and not the Federal government. If you already have Lifeline Federal Benefits with MobileNation or another provider, you still can qualify for ClearAssist. 

 If you are currently a recipient of Medicaid, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or several other government assistance programs, see if you qualify for either MobileNation Lifeline Benefits or  ClearAssist phone service.


*All sale credits, discounts and cell phone offers require new activation. Referral friend credit requires for new and referring member to be activating on a $10 a month or higher calling plan. Credits will be posted 30 days after the new member has been active. Unlimited data includes 2GB of high speed data for iPhones and Androids every day (Up to 62GB a month) while on the MobileNation Network. If 2GB per day threshold is reached, data speed will be reduced to as low as 128KBPS until the following morning. You must live within a MobileNation approved zip code to activate service. Prices and calling plans are subject to change.